Posting Accounts

Zipbike partner universities should post through any and all social media channels and accounts relevant to Zipbike, for two reasons. First, university accounts have the most direct line to potential and existing riders. (Naturally, more students will be followers of their college’s accounts than will be followers of Zagster/Zipcar.) Second, utilizing multiple university accounts offers multiple potential points of contact to ensure the maximum possible reach. (i.e. a student may follow an institution’s undergraduate housing account, but not the institution’s main account.)

Relevant university accounts can include but are not limited to those concerning: sustainability, transportation, housing, student life, environmentalism, undergraduate and graduate studies, specific buildings at which Zipbike stations are sited, and so on. More accounts =  more eyeballs = more potential riders.


Zipcar and Zagster social media accounts

To maximize the impact of posts, the tagging of Zagster, Zipcar and partner accounts is encouraged. Doing so will allow us to 1) better pool our audiences, encouraging followers of one account to follow others, which will increase the reach of future messaging, and 2) make cross-promotion — through retweeting, Facebook sharing — easier by automatically alerting other parties to new messages concerning Zipbike.





  • @Zipcar

  • @zagsterbikeshare


  • @Zipcar

  • @zagster

Post frequency

Posting should occur:

  • To promote an impending launch and/or launch event
  • At the time of launch and/or launch event

  • To promote events relevant to Zipbike, both specific (i.e. a membership drive) or general (i.e. National Bike to School Day, Earth Day, etc.)

  • At the start of semesters and other key times when new or returning students could use a refresher that Zipbike exists

  • As necessary on an ongoing basis, whether as a casual reminder or for a specific purpose (i.e. lagging ridership)


Posts should promote, announce, feature, or touch on the following information and topics, among other things:

  • Membership and ride pricing, specifically the value of the bundle option

  • Station locations and/or maps of locations

  • Microsite landing page URL

  • Instructions on how to join and ride

  • Special promotions and discount codes

  • Special events around Zipbike or that could include Zipbike

    • I.e. suggesting students ride from a dorm to a stadium on game day

  • Suggested ways to ride

    • I.e. to/from class, to specific campus destinations, to notable on- and off-campus landmarks, with friends, for fun, for exercise, on greenspace

  • Zipbike mission statements/messaging (see below)

  • Enticing imagery of riders

  • Buzzy studies/statistics that promote cycling, bike or car sharing, or shared mobility in general

    • I.e.: Not bringing a car to campus saves students an average of $20,000 over four years, according to Forbes


Hashtags are not essential on Twitter and Facebook, but can have a significant impact on Instagram. Some suggested hashtags:

  • #bikeshare
  • #bikesharing

  • #bike

  • #bikelife
  • #zipbike
  • #zagster

  • #zipcar

  • #betteronabike


Zipbike partners are encouraged to take and share photos of Zipbike bikes, stations, riders and events. Zipbike partners are also welcome to use any of the imagery and graphics below. 
Right click and 'save image as' to download.

sized for Facebook:

sized for Instagram: