Zagster makes bike sharing possible for every community.

Zagster is the leading provider of bike share programs for cities, universities, businesses and properties

We simplify bike sharing through a full-service model that covers everything involved in planning, building and operating a system.

By using right-sized infrastructure and app-based technology, Zagster bike sharing programs are flexible and affordable for both the communities we serve and the riders within them.

  • Zagster allows mid-sized cities like Fort Wayne the opportunity to have
    the amenities of major metropolitan areas without the cost and complexity.
    Kathryn Gentz — Fort Wayne, Indiana

  • Bike Sharing is one piece of the broader transportation program,
    and you need to have all of the pieces to have a really strong program.
    Kim Jackson — Princeton University

  • It looked like everything that I dreamed a bike share program could be,
    but I had never seen before.
    Rick Rennie — Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • It would not have happened with any
    other bike-share provider.
    Julie Townsend — Lakeland, Florida

  • Zagster is a great program because not only is it easy to get onboard,
    but you guys are always there to support us.
    Brenda Amaral — California State University East Bay

  • Zagster is only going to help me be more successful
    with leasing and attracting the right tenants.
    Jay Rembe — Property Developer, Country Club Plaza

  • Zagster breaks down
    barriers to access.
    Brenda Myers — Visit Hamilton County

  • A bike share is one of many components
    to make a city like ours work well.
    Mayor Jim Brainard — Carmel, Indiana


Transportation infrastructure with a tangible return on investment.



Last-mile trips fill transportation
gaps and increase mobility


Promote active lifestyles and
improve health and wellness


Boost social engagement
and raise quality of life


What's included in a Zagster bike share?



Feasibility analysis, budgeting and station siting— our team helps to design the perfect bike share for your community.



Featuring lightweight stations and smart bikes that are fun to ride, our hardware is proven & easy to use by tens of thousands of riders.  



Riders unlock bikes using our free mobile app. Robust data collection gives you deep insight into usage so you know what's working.



24/7 rider support, comprehensive promotion and regular maintenance by our national mechanic team keeps systems rolling.