Move your university forward with bike sharing.

Zagster helps universities of all types and sizes — from small private colleges to large state universities — solve their mobile transportation and sustainability goals while providing students with an affordable, efficient and enjoyable way to get around.


The best in modern bike sharing


Zagster pioneered the smart bike model that powered bike sharing’s rise on college campuses from coast to coast. Today, Zagster remains the market leader in campus bike sharing, operating bike shares for more universities than all other providers combined.

To meet the unique needs and environments of diverse campuses, Zagster offers two bike sharing solutions for colleges: Pace, our nationwide bike share network, and Zagster for Universities, our subscription-based solution for smaller campuses that prefer a proprietary bike share. Both full-service offerings are powered by our industry-leading smart bike platform, and come backed by Zagster’s sterling record of safety and satisfaction.




Pace is Zagster’s new nationwide, dockless bike sharing network. Pace is the smart solution for colleges that want the benefits of dockless bike sharing, but none of the drawbacks.

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Nationwide bike share service

Pace is a cross-campus dockless bike sharing service that will make bike sharing as common as ride sharing.


Point-to-point travel without the chaos of free-floating bikes

Riders can start, hold and end rides at Pace racks, public racks, or any legal parking place — enabling point-to-point travel but preserving order and safety for colleges.

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Custom branding

Every Pace college gets custom-branded Pace bikes and parking signs — signifying you’re part of Pace, but bringing your campus identity to life.

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Intelligently designed system

The Pace team works with each college to intelligently site low-cost, proprietary bike racks and determine the optimal number of bikes for all seasons.


High-quality bikes that people want to ride

Award-winning cruiser bikes, maintained by a network of certified mechanics.

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Dedicated, local Pace team

Pace brings a local team to each college to support operations, marketing, bike supply and rebalancing, and community relations to promote ridership and foster a vibrant cycling culture.


Learn more about Pace and contact us to see if your university qualifies.


Zagster for Universities


For colleges that prefer a proprietary bike share model, we offer Zagster for Universities: a low-cost, subscription-based bike share solution. Zagster for Universities is a great solution for colleges that want the benefits of their own branded bike share solution but powered by the industry’s best smart bike platform. Zagster for Universities features:

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Turnkey bike share

Zagster provides 100% of the services required to operate their bike share from 24/7 rider support, liability insurance, local mechanics and marketing support.

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Rider revenue sharing

Zagster’s marketing team helps you acquire riders so you can reinvest revenue in your campus


Low cost, lightweight racks

Zagster works with each campus to intelligently site its low-cost, proprietary racks.


High-quality bikes that people want to ride

Zagster programs feature award-winning cruiser bikes, maintained on a regular basis by Zagster’s network of certified mechanics.


Talk to us. We’ll help you figure out which service works best for your campus.


Select Zagster Customers

Zagster is a great program because not only is it easy to get onboard, but you guys are always there to support us. The program is great. The students love it, and it’s really easy to use.
— California State University East Bay Transportation Lead Brenda Amaral

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