Zagster Announces the Addition of Electric Scooters to Expand Mobility Choices in Knoxville, TN

by Zagster


Zagster Leverages Decade-Long Experience and Community-First Approach for Initial Rollout of 250 Spin-Branded Scooters into Knoxville’s Mobility Network

Boston, MA, March 20, 2019—Today, Zagster, the leader in micro-mobility operations, is excited to announce that it will be adding the Spin scooters to its existing Pace bike sharing program in the City of Knoxville.  Zagster’s turnkey operations solution leverages a decade-long expertise in micro-mobility to ensure fleet availability, operational efficiency, safety measures, and uniform protocols—all with a community-driven approach. The initial rollout will include 50 scooters as a “soft launch” on Wednesday, March 20th. We will then thoughtfully scale to the full fleet of 250 Spin-branded scooters over the following days and weeks.

Currently, Zagster operates 200 bikes in the Knoxville market under its brand Pace, proudly  sponsored by “Visit Knoxville,” a longstanding community partner. Now, Zagster is adding scooters into the mobility program by bringing  Spin, a leader in the scooter industry backed by Ford Motor Company, to Knoxville. Scooters can be checked out via the Spin app and will be placed at existing Pace bike share racks as well as select locations throughout the City. This integrated mobility solution will offer more transportation choices to visitors, residents, and students from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

“We look forward to extending our partnership with Zagster,” said Kim Bumpas, President of Visit Knoxville. “We’ve seen amazing success with Pace Bike Share and anticipate the Spin scooters to be welcomed by our community with similar excitement.”

“Scooters are a perfect complement to our existing bike share program and we are excited to continue investing in the great city of Knoxville,” said Dan Herscovici, CEO of Zagster.  “The service Zagster is providing is unique in that we will be utilizing the existing operations model and adding additional local staff to manage all scooter rebalancing, maintenance, and battery charging, as well as leveraging our operating experience to create a system that truly caters to the needs of the community.”

By integrating multiple vehicle options such as Pace bikes and Spin scooters into the Knoxville service, Zagster will allow members of the community to choose what is most appropriate for them to get to where they need to go. As cities invest in leveraging more and more vehicle options, Zagster maintains its leadership role in its ability to operate any mode of micro-mobility with its community-first driven approach.

About Zagster

Since 2007, Zagster has been at the forefront of the micro-mobility revolution. We know that the promise of micro-mobility is anchored in world-class operations.  As such, Zagster offers turnkey operations and support services for any micro-mobility product. We strive to make shared mobility work within communities large and small. We currently operate more than 250 micro-mobility vehicle shares across 35 states. We understand that although the scooters, pedal bikes and e-bikes are swappable, the professional service operations are not.  At Zagster, we help communities and partners build and operate best-in-class solutions. Let us be your ride.  Visit us at and on Twitter @zagster.  

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