Provo partners with Zagster to launch Scooter Share Program

by Zagster


200 Scooters on Launch Day, With Plans to Expand to 500

PROVO, UT., August 7, 2019 __ Provo City has partnered with Zagster, the industry’s leading operations platform for the micro-mobility sharing economy and will launch a scooter share pilot program this Thursday, August 8 at 10 am. The launch event will be held at the intersection of 680 N & 200 E at 10am. Provo Mayor Michelle Kaufusi and Zagster CEO Dan Grossman will be among the luminaries in attendance for the ribbon cutting.

“2019 has been the ‘Year of Transportation’ for Provo with the completion of Utah Valley Express (UVX) and the expansion announcement at the airport,” said Mayor Michelle Kaufusi. “Now we’re launching a one-year trial of a scooter share program to add a micro-mobility option to our comprehensive multi-modal city transportation plan, all designed to manage traffic congestion as we grow and develop as a city.” The scooter program will launch with 200 scooters, with plans to expand to 500, with the number and longevity of the scooters dependent on the public’s response.

Provo selected Zagster as its micro-mobility partner based on its reputation for operational excellence in managing complex multi-modal programs in more than 230 communities throughout North America, including St. George, Utah, Salem, MA and Albuquerque, NM.

“Maintaining quality of life is a top priority, so it was crucial we chose a partner who had proven their ability in helping cities maximize performance and safety while minimizing the public nuisance potential,” said Kaufusi.

“We are excited to offer this program to all who live, work and play in Provo,” Kaufusi said. “Scooters and bikes have emerged as a popular mode of transportation among students and commuters who use them as last mile transportation from bus stops or train stations.”

Provo City will also be launching a bikeshare program in the near future. While Zagster will handle all operations for the program, the scooters will be provided by Spin, the e-scooter startup backed by Ford Motors, who has been partnering with Zagster since Spring 2019. Provo residents and visitors will be able to rent dockless scooters around the city. It costs $1 to unlock a scooter and 15 cents per minute to ride.

“Provo is a beautiful city with breathtaking views - and it should be enjoyed out of a motor vehicle whenever possible. We look forward to bringing Zagster’s operational excellence to the city’s micromobility program and applaud Provo’s efforts in launching this scooter-share,” Dan Grossman, CEO, Zagster, said. “We expect the market will have similar adoption to St. George, where we launched 400 scooters back in March and experienced 13,000 rides over the first month of that program.”

“This is an exciting day for all Provo residents because it signals our continuing efforts to manage traffic congestion through innovation and experimentation, with citizens’ feedback crucial in determining its place in our community,” said Kaufusi.

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