Zagster and Nordblom Bring Bike Sharing to Network Drive at Northwest Park

New amenity gives tenants access to bikes on demand for fun, errands and exercise


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (December 16, 2014) Zagster, a company that provides turnkey bike sharing services, today announced it has partnered with Nordblom Company to offer bike sharing at Network Drive at Northwest Park, a 7-building, 155-acre office park, located in Burlington, Mass. People who work on the campus can reserve and ride comfortable, city-friendly cruiser bikes, allowing them a healthy, convenient and fun way to run errands, grab lunch, attend meetings or just plain exercise.

“Increasingly employers are seeing bike sharing as a way to not only improve their carbon footprint, but also offer an in-demand benefit and manage parking demand,” said Timothy Ericson, co-founder and CEO of Zagster. “Zagster gives employees a healthy, cost effective and fun way to get around while giving employers and real estate companies an affordable benefit that increases recruitment and retention.”

Network Drive Burlington pulses with the unique energy of a world-class business park that has everything going for it, including a convenient location near major highways, more than 900,000 square feet of premier office space, quality construction, a vibrant shopping and recreational district, and on-site amenities unmatched along Route 128. Tenants include: Oracle, Avid, Exa Corporation, Dyax, eBay Enterprise, Veracode, NetBrain and FIS.

“Our partnership with Zagster and the launch of a bike sharing service at Network Drive is part of our corporate commitment to improving the environment, reducing harmful effects on natural resources, and leaving a sustainable world for future generations,” said Patrick O’Neill, vice president of the Nordblom Company. “Having bikes available on demand will help us decrease overall emissions by reducing the number of vehicle trips taken during the business day encouraging more people to leave their car at home.”

Initially, a total of 10 bikes will be available free of charge at two locations on the Network Drive campus for up to a 24-hour period. Riders can join by downloading the Zagster Mobile App, available for iPhone and Android, or online at To use the Mobile App, riders simply enter the unique ID number of the bike they wish to use and an access code for the lock box is provided. Riders can use the code throughout the duration of their rental to lock and unlock the bike anywhere along their trip. Once the bike is returned to a Zagster location, the touch of a button ends the rental and releases the bike for the next rider.

Zagster is developing a national footprint of bike sharing programs in partnership with real estate/multi-family companies, businesses, hotel chains and universities, all of whom are looking to provide value added services and benefits to residents, guests or area employees.

Currently, Zagster has hundreds of bikes deployed in more than 30 cities and towns in more than 20 states with thousands of members having taken tens of thousands of rides. Zagster has partnered with leading brands, including General Motors, Hyatt, Quicken Loans, Yale University, Duke University and many others.

About Zagster

Founded in Philadelphia in 2007 as CityRyde and now headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., Zagster is one of the nation’s first bike sharing companies. Zagster is uniquely focused on contracting with property managers, hotels, businesses, and universities across North America to make bike sharing programs available to tenants, employees, guests and students. This highly efficient and unique model allows Zagster to offer services in areas that traditional city-wide bike sharing systems can’t reach. More information about Zagster is available online at

About Nordblom Company

Nordblom Company is a real estate enterprise with an 85-year history of investing, managing and developing properties throughout the New England region and select markets across the country. The company currently owns office, commercial and multi-family properties in the New England and Carolina markets and is committed to creating dynamic work and living environments that further the quality of life for the people who occupy its properties. Headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts with offices in Boston, Brookline, and Raleigh, North Carolina, Nordblom Company has $1.2 billion in assets under management. For more information, visit

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