City of Bloomington and Indiana University Select Pace for Bike Share System

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (February 14, 2018) — Mayor John Hamilton announced today that the City and Indiana University have selected Pace as their dockless bike share service, setting the stage to begin operation this spring. Pace in Bloomington will begin with 150 bikes across the City and IU campus, and quickly scale up to match rider demand.

Bike share programs have expanded mobility options in American cities with their proven
ability to complement other transportation services, reduce car usage, increase transit use, lower parking demand, boost retail sales for small businesses and improve public health. Pace will provide IU and Bloomington with the many benefits of dockless bike sharing as this new modern standard replaces first-gen, dock-based models.

“Bike sharing is an increasingly important part of transportation systems nationwide, offering a healthy, accessible and affordable way to reduce traffic and relieve parking demand,” said Kevin Whited, IU's Alternative Traffic Coordinator. “We are thrilled to get rolling with Pace because it offers the latest in dockless bike sharing, a two-point locking system to ensure bike predictability and security, and affordable, usage-based pricing for our residents and students — all backed by a reliable provider with a flexible model to maximize bike sharing’s positive impact throughout our community.”

Pace is a new, modern dockless bike share service for cities and colleges powered by Zagster, one of nine providers considered in IU and the City’s request for bike share proposals. Founded in 2007, Zagster is the U.S. market leader in bike sharing with more than 200 programs across 35 states that put bikes within reach of more than 6.5 million people every day.

"We selected Zagster for a number of reasons, notably their experience in the industry,
willingness to design a system to match our needs, support for accessible bikes and equitable access, and their new Pace dockless service, which we believe will foster increased ridership without compromising order or safety in Bloomington," said Mayor John Hamilton. "We want as many people on bicycles as we can safely and successfully accommodate, and Pace will help us achieve that goal. We look forward to bringing Pace to Bloomington and expanding the system over time so that it reaches everyone who wants to ride.”

Unlike other dockless bike share services, Pace features smart bikes that lock to fixed objects — not just to themselves — to provide predictability and flexibility for riders while preserving order and safety for communities. Riders can rent and return bikes from one of Pace’s dedicated bike parking racks, from any public bike racks, or from other bike securing locations available throughout the city and on campus, enabling true point-to-point travel while ensuring riders can reliably add bike sharing to their daily commute.

“We're excited to partner with Bloomington and Indiana University, and look forward to making Pace thrive here over the coming years,” said Zagster VP of Expansion Ted Bronstein. “We are confident we can deliver a bike share that works best for the Bloomington community.” To ride, users download the free Pace Bike Share app, available in the App Store and Google Play. One tap in the app automatically unlocks the bike, allowing a rider to get rolling in seconds.


About Zagster
Founded in 2007, and headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., Zagster operates more than 200 bike shares across 35 states. Zagster powers Pace, a nationwide bike share service for cities and colleges that offers all the benefits of dockless bike sharing with none of the drawbacks. Pace features a first-of-its-kind dockless bike sharing model that blends predictability and flexibility for riders while preserving order and safety for communities. Zagster’s mission: To make the bike the most loved form of transportation in every community.

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