The best rider experience available.

Zagster bikes feature the first Bluetooth ring lock to be deployed in a bike-share system in North America. This pioneering technology streamlines the overall process for borrowing and riding a bike, making bike sharing without a kiosk more simple and secure than ever.


Bluetooth Ring lock

When engaged, the ring lock prevents the rear wheel from spinning, immobilizing the bike. 


On-Bike Keypad

Riders operate the lock using a compatible smartphone or by entering a single-use code into the on-bike keypad. Get a code with the free Zagster app or via text message.


Docking Cables

Two sturdy cables — one securely attached to each station dock, and one retracted inside each bike — plug into the smart lock to keep bikes grounded between trips.


Lock Anywhere on the go

The ring lock and on-bike cable allow riders to stop and secure bicycles to any fixed objects during a trip — not only designated stations. This allows riders to go more places without installing more stations.

mid ride.jpg

App-Based and intuitive

Giving riders the freedom to check out bikes with only a phone creates the industry’s simplest, most streamlined bike-share experience. For users with compatible Bluetooth™ low-energy smartphones, bikes open at the touch of a button. For users without compatible phones, bikes unlock quickly via the on-bike keypad.

app keypad.jpg

Maximum versAtility with nothing to lose

Unlike other locking systems, Zagster’s technology has no detachable pieces that could be misplaced or misused. 


ironclad security

With a heavy-duty exterior and a riveted, full-metal interior, the mounted ring lock minimizes weak points and repels attempts at tampering or theft.