Move your university forward with bike sharing.


Zagster provides campus bike shares tailored to the needs and means of each school we serve. Our full-service model and next-generation technology allow any campus, from small private colleges to large state universities, to have affordable, successful bike-share systems.  Start building your bike share today 


Programs with positive impact

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Attract the best and brightest

Bike shares make campuses great places to live, work and study, which gives innovative universities a unique advantage in attracting top students and staff.

Offer affordable Transportation

Bike sharing closes a transportation equity gap. Students who don’t bring cars to campus save around $20,000 over four-year enrollments.

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Boost health & wellness

So long, Freshman 15. At Purdue University, students burned an estimated 750,000 calories in six months by using Zagster bikes.

Relieve transportation strain

Bike shares ease traffic congestion and parking demand, and reduce the burden on overtaxed campus shuttles.


Decrease theft and abandonment

Students have a 53% chance of losing personal bikes to theft. Bike sharing reduces abandoned bikes — and the time administrators spend removing them.

Reduce infrastructure spending

Installing a single parking space in a structured garage costs on average $20,000 - $40,000. An entire bike-share fleet can cost less while serving far more users every day.

Princeton University

University Profile

Launch:November 2014
Expansion:March 2016
Bike sharing is one piece of the broader transportation program, and you need to have all of the pieces to have a really strong program.
— Kim Jackson, Princeton University Transportation & Parking Services Director

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