Maximize your property's value with bike sharing.

Zagster makes properties better places to live and work. Our bike-sharing programs for offices, apartments and condos are a differentiating amenity that extends your property's reach into the community. As a whole, bike shares deliver a tangible return for residential and commercial properties alike.

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“Through supporting bike infrastructure, real estate professionals can play a significant role in creating healthier, more sustainable communities. They can also help position their projects and communities in a marketplace that increasingly values active transportation.”
— Urban Land Institute, “Active Transportation and Real Estate: The Next Frontier” (2016)

Programs with positive impact



Bike sharing is a landmark addition that leaves an impression on tenants and visitors.

A majority of Americans — and two thirds of millennials — prefer to live and work in environments where they do not regularly need cars.

Reduce infrastructure spending

Installing and maintaining a single parking space in a structured garage costs on average $20,000 - $40,000.

An entire bike-share fleet for your property can cost significantly less while serving far more people every day.



Bike-share stations in Montreal raised nearby property values by an average of 2.7 percent, or $8,650.

Provide a desired amenity

Company executives cite access to transportation and provision of amenities as major factors when deciding where to locate their workforce. (CBRE)


improve mobility

Maximize your tenants’ transportation options by providing a fast and fun way to get from point A to point B or to simply cruise around town.

connect to your community

Bike sharing brings your tenants closer to what your community has to offer.

By making nearby amenities more accessible, properties make themselves more desirable.


Property profile

 Photo courtesy of AvalonBay

Photo courtesy of AvalonBay

Zagster provides a great, healthy amenity for our residents and is a pleasure to work with.
— Karen Hollinger, Vice President AvalonBay

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