Bike sharing makes communities better.
Zagster makes bike sharing easy.

Our full-service model and next-gen technology cuts the cost and complexity of planning and operating a bike share program.

Simple. Reliable. All-inclusive.

Zagster handles everything involved in bike sharing, from hardware and software, to maintenance and marketing.




Feasibility analysis, budgeting and station siting — our team helps to design the perfect bike share for your community.



Bikes, stations, and marketing support — we provide everything needed to launch your program.



Robust analytics give you real-time usage data. 24/7 rider support and a nationwide network of local mechanics keep your system rolling.


Comfortable, safe and easy to ride.

Zagster’s cruiser bicycles feature five gears, automatic lights, a bell and a handy front basket.


Our standard cruiser is 30% lighter than the typical bike-share bike.


Every Zagster bike is custom-built with components that last long and are easy to replace.

Accessible bikes

In addition to the standard cruiser, we offer six models of accessible bicycles for mixed use in Zagster bike-share systems: handcycles, side-by-side tandems, heavy-duty cruisers, tricycles, recumbent tricycles and cargo tricycles.


Ring Lock

the best bike-share experience available.

Zagster's Bluetooth™ ring lock opens at the touch of a button. With no removable pieces, there is nothing to misplace. When locked, multiple security points repel tampering and theft.

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App-based service eliminates expensive kiosks.

Riders can join systems and unlock and return bikes with the free Zagster mobile app. Riders without smartphones have full access to the bike-share system via text message. 

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Maximum security, minimum space.

Zagster docks are lightweight, versatile and nimble, making installation and expansion a snap. Integrated wheel wells keep bikes upright and organized.


Support & Operations

A dedicated support team keeps users happy. Local mechanics quickly perform maintenance and repairs.

Data Analysis

Ridership data dashboards make it easy to gauge system success and adapt to usage trends over time.


Zagster carries $4MM liability coverage to protect partners from risk.


Our comprehensive marketing program gets your system exposure and riders.


Bike share for everyone

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Make your city the best place to live, work and visit.


Move your university forward with bike sharing.


Make your business the best place to work.


Maximize your property's value with bike sharing.