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Zagster provides municipal bike-sharing programs tailored to your city’s needs and means. Bike shares are cost-effective transportation infrastructure that help your city shift toward sustainable, multi-modal transit. Our full-service model and next-gen bike-sharing technology allow communities of all sizes to enjoy the benefits of what was once just a big-city amenity.

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Build a comprehensive transportation network and maximize the reach of existing transit options by adding a fast, fun and convenient way to get around.

Grow your economy

Bike sharing helps people reach businesses and introduces them to new ones. Each ride in Minneapolis' bike share added $7-14 to the local economy.


Improve public health

Bike sharing gets people active. 

The health benefits of bike sharing have been shown to outweigh the risks by a ratio of 77:1. 

Reduce congestion

Washington, D.C.'s, bike share reduced congestion by roughly 3 percent, with each bike annually offsetting on average 250 miles of car travel.


Boost property values

Bike-share stations in Montreal raised nearby property values by an average of 2.7 percent — or $8,650.

Promote sustainability

Pedal-powered and eco-friendly, bike shares offset emissions and reduce pollution.


Increase civic engagement

Bike-share programs are placemaking tools that foster social connections by moving people out of vehicles and into their communities.

Create a cycling culture

A majority of Americans want to ride bikes more often, but 48 percent say they lack access to a functional bike.

Fort Collins, Colorado

City Profile

Launch:April 1, 2016
Zagster has been a great partner in coming up with creative solutions and working with us to make this a unique bike-share system. It’s not something like you would find anywhere else.
— Amy Lewin, Fort Collins Senior Transportation Planner

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