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Zagster helps businesses work smarter, not harder. By increasing efficiency and fostering an active company culture, our bike-sharing programs deliver a solid return on investment. So whether you have a sprawling corporate campus, or just a single office building, our bike-share programs pay dividends.

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Programs with positive impact


Attract and retain great People

Gain a distinct hiring advantage over the competition by offering a desirable, affordable and unique amenity.

get more done

Save employees time — and save your business money — by enabling efficient trips to meetings, lunch and nearby destinations. General Motors’ Zagster program saves more than 40 hours of employee time per week.


Reduce health-care costs

Worksite wellness programs can reduce employer health-care costs by more than 25%. Comprehensive programs can even yield a $3 to $6 return for every dollar spent, over a 2-5 year period.

Increase workplace productivity

Healthy employees are productive employees. Overweight and obese employees miss, on average, 50% more workdays than healthy employees.



Provide your team with a fast and fun way to get from point A to point B. Riding a bike can move employees up to 3x faster than walking or taking a shuttle.

Save on infrastructure spending

Installing a single parking space in a structured garage costs on average $20,000 - $40,000. An entire bike-share fleet can cost less while serving far more users every day.


Strengthen ties to the community

Bike sharing is a placemaking tool that fosters deeper connections between workplaces, workers and the communities where they reside.


Develop a green reputation

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainable growth. Our bike-share programs aid in securing bike-friendly and eco-friendly business certifications.

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