Reimagining Bike Sharing: The Many Use Cases for Shared Bikes

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Though once envisioned solely as another form of mass transit, bike sharing has evolved to serve a range of use cases — for both transportation and recreation — in communities of all sizes.

We'll discuss why bike sharing has moved beyond the big city, and how communities everywhere have built bike share programs to achieve their unique goals.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how bike sharing:

  • Invigorates commercial centers to boost economic development

  • Provides broader and easier access to trails and greenspace

  • Forges stronger town-gown connections between cities and universities

  • Promotes financial and physical equity

  • Enables businesses parks to work more efficiently

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The Guide to Running a Small-City Bike Share

A successful bike share program is about more than just the bikes. 

Although bikes are the most visible aspect of bike sharing, you'll need to account for maintenance, operations, support, and rider education to ensure your bike share program runs smoothly.

This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to plan and run a successful bike sharing system in your community.

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