Zagster Launches Pedal Corvallis Bike Share


Want to pedal Corvallis, Oregon, but don’t have a bike? Then you’re in luck, because starting today, Zagster is making 33 cruiser bikes and two trikes available for everyone in the Corvallis community to ride wherever they want, as long as they want. The new bike share — aptly named Pedal Corvallis — is a joint partnership between the Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments (OCWCOG), the InterCommunity Health Network Community Care Organization, and Zagster. And though Pedal Corvallis is just getting rolling, OCWCOG is already exploring ways to expand the system through collaborative sponsorships to build it into an even bigger, better bike share to meet the anticipated demand.

“In a community that already values biking, this will only enhance our community’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle and environment for everyone,” said Corvallis Mayor Biff Taber.

Indeed, Corvallis is a truly bike-friendly city, which makes it a perfect place for a bike share like Pedal Corvallis. The city boasts a rare Gold-level ranking with the League of American Bicyclists, and it features 46 miles of bike lanes that cover 98 percent of its arterial roads. It’s no surprise then that a recent survey found that roughly one-quarter of residents regularly commute by bike — the highest percentage in the nation.

We envision Pedal Corvallis boosting ridership even higher by making it easy, affordable, and convenient for everyone in Corvallis to get on a bike and, well, pedal Corvallis. Life’s better on a bike. And with Pedal Corvallis, the City of Corvallis — already a great cycling city — is now even better, too.

For more information about Pedal Corvallis, head here.

To read the full Pedal Corvallis press release, head here.