Zagster Brings Bike Sharing to Princeton

On November 24, we officially opened our newest location, this one in Princeton, New Jersey. Through a partnership with Princeton University, we’ve placed 10 bikes, available for rental by the hour or the day, at the new Princeton Station on Alexander Street (photo above) Zagster is available to anyone who lives, works or studies at Princeton University, as well as members of the public who live and work in Princeton.

“The addition of Zagster to our transportation options will help us make progress in meeting the University’s sustainability goal of 500 fewer vehicles on campus by 2020,”

says Kim Jackson, director of Transportation & Parking Services at Princeton University.

“When people have options like Zagster, it makes it easier to leave a car at home, which reduces congestion, pollution and emissions on and around campus. We’re pleased to offer the bike rental program and we hope to expand bike sharing to the entire community in the future.”

We couldn’t agree more, which is why we’re focused on expanding the benefits of bike sharing to campuses across the country. So far, we’ve launched on the campuses of Yale University, Duke University, the University of California – East Bay and Santa Clara University, with more coming online soon!

Bike sharing programs are increasingly becoming an effective way for transportation managers to reduce congestion, emissions and parking demand, while offering students a convenient, healthy and sustainable campus transportation option.

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