Zagster Brings Accessible Bike Share to Westminster, Colorado

Accessible bike share, powered by Zagster

What does an accessible bike share look like? It looks a lot like what Zagster is launching today in, Westminster, Colorado.

Though our standard cruiser bikes work well for most of the people in the communities we serve, there are still some would-be bike-share users who are physically unable to ride them. So in addition to the 32 cruisers we’ve deployed to Westminster, the Westminster bike share also features eight accessible bikes — three handcycles and five cargo trikes — to ensure a more equitable, accessible bike share for all.

Zagster is one of the only bike-share providers even capable of offering this kind of accessible bike share. Thanks to our nimble and flexible hardware, we can deploy trikes, handcycles, and tandems to our stations to meet our partners’ unique demands. As a result, we boast accessible bikes and accessible bike shares all over the country.

Most recently, we earned high praise for bringing an accessible bike share to College Park, Maryland. In the words of one satisfied user of that bike share: “To suddenly have access to a new technology that so many others take for granted is akin to being granted a door to another world.”

The process for borrowing these accessible bikes is no different from how riders check out any other bikes in our fleet. In terms of utilization, however, the accessible bikes offer a wider range of uses for a wider pool of users.

“Just as we believe all communities can enjoy the benefits of bike sharing, we believe everyone within those communities can enjoy the benefits of bike sharing,” said Timothy Ericson, Zagster co-founder and CEO. “Westminster is a testament to both those ideals. We are thrilled to help make bike sharing a reality in this great city.”

The goal of all bike shares is to make cycling accessible. At Zagster, our goal is to make bike sharing itself more accessible. The launch of an accessible bike share is Westminster is just one more example of how we’re working to realize that goal of bike sharing for all.

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