Why It Sucks to Own a Bike in College

You’re running just barely on time for your final exam. Just a 10-minute ride across campus, and you’ll be there with just enough time to slide into your seat before the test starts. You get to your bike, right where you locked it in front of your friend’s house last night – only to find that it’s missing the back wheel.


We know from experience: owning a bike as a student is a pain. Thefts and attempted thefts happen – universities are meccas for bike thievery. And when you’re a college student with not much money, your bike is one of the most valuable things you own. Meanwhile, many dorms and small apartments lack space for bikes, making owning them inconvenient at best. But the alternative – parking outside – exposes it to weather and thievery. And since college housing is inherently temporary, you have to lug the darn thing from dorm to dorm and apartment to apartment, not to mention home for the summer.

Still, you have to get around, and driving isn’t a good option; getting around on a bicycle is still your best bet. A bike share solves this problem for you and others caught in the same web. Freed from worry over storage, theft and maintenance, but still with 24/7 access to a bike, you realize all the benefits of bike ownership with none of the drawbacks. Zagster lets you own a bike whenever you want without… well… owning one.

Those benefits are why you wanted to own that bike in the first place. Biking is a cheap, quick way to get around college campuses and cities, and it’s a healthy physical activity. It doesn’t need gas because it’s powered by you, and you’re largely powered by ramen noodles and Hot Pockets.

The combination of bike access and freedom from bike ownership is ideal for college students, and Zagster bikes are particularly well suited to the college lifestyle. Let’s face it – the most useful kind of bike to have on campus is a cruiser with a basket, lights, a bell, and fenders. Because it does lack that certain cool factor, not everyone wants to own one – but it sure would be nice if you could borrow one when you need it. All those little bells and whistles are great, but most college students can’t afford them or don’t bother. And Zagster’s mobile phone-based unlocking means you don’t have to worry about losing or forgetting the key to your lock.

But this is about more than just you. Your university as a whole can benefit from Zagster, and we’ve already written a brief guide to working toward implementing a bike share on campus. Bike sharing can be a major step toward achieving sustainability goals (including LEED credits), solve campus transit issues, and help do away with the eyesores of abandoned and picked-over bikes on campus. It’s also a modern amenity that can help attract top applicants and raise your university’s status to that of a leader in technology and sustainability. When your university’s profile is enhanced your degree becomes more valuable. That means you become more attractive to employers once you graduate as a result. So, you’re investing in yourself every time you hop on a Zagster.

Ready to sell your bike and start sharing at your university? Talk to a Zagster expert and get things rolling!