Strong Communities Build Strong Bike Shares

Bike shares should be for everyone — not just big cities. Yet when bike shares first cropped up in the United States more than a decade ago, technological, financial and logistical demands confined them primarily to large metropolitan areas. We’re changing that paradigm.

“Zagster is focusing on bringing a solution that works for the rest of the country.” says CEO & Co-Founder Tim Ericson. “New York and Boston have a subway, but that doesn't mean Albuquerque or Fort Wayne need to put in that sort of infrastructure. That's where we fit in.”

Smaller cities don’t build mass transit like big cities, so why would they do the same when it comes to bike shares? Zagster's model enables these smaller communities to build bike shares tailored to their needs and, crucially, built within their means.

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One way we reduce bike sharing’s cost to cities — and taxpayers — is through a unique private-public funding structure in which local and far-flung entities sponsor systems. In exchange for their support, sponsors get to be associated with a positive community development and — through branding on bikes and stations — enjoy the exposure of their brand riding around town.

It’s not just bike-loving organizations backing these programs either. Zagster’s sponsors range from Fortune 500 corporations to local mom and pops. So while Zagster’s partners have brought on board cycling advocacy organizations, health care nonprofits and universities, we've also signed up museums, breweries, and even, in Lakeland, Florida, a church.

“Zagster allows mid-sized cities like Fort Wayne the opportunity to have the amenities of major metropolitan areas without the cost and complexity of bigger systems like those in Chicago and New York,” says Kathryn Gentz, a member of Leadership Fort Wayne.

Zagster believes that strong communities build strong bike shares. And to that end, the sponsorship model exemplifies civic engagement by allowing anyone and everyone in the community to be a stakeholder in the bike-share system.

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