Quick Bicycle Fixes For Owners Who Are In A Hurry

It’s a bright, sunny day and you’re finally enjoying some alone time; you decide to pull your bicycle out of the garage and go to the nearby park. As you’re happily pedaling along, you notice you have a flat tire. Now what?

Before You Run To The Repair Shop…

Whether you have a flat tire or you notice your chin has broken, your first thought might be to head over to the repair shop and have the problem taken care of hassle-free. Undoubtedly, this does not also mean charge-free. So why not try to do some fixing by yourself first?

Tips For Cleaning/Replacing Bicycle Chains

Bike chains are constantly exposed to dirt and stress, so they need them periodically cleaned if you want your wheels to work properly all the time. All you need is needle-nose pliers or, a small stiff brush, a shallow pan, and some chalk. You can use kerosene, motor oil and replacement bike chains, and you will need to basically remove the chain, open the aster link with the help of needle-nose pliers, and do the same with the side plate. Then you will need to pull the link out and use a pin rivet to remove the chain, then immerse it in kerosene and give it a good scrub with a stiff brush and remove all traces of dirt and oil.

Broken Padlock On Your Bike?

If you usually park your bike outside your school or office and you nice the padlock you normally use your chain is loose or worn-out or the small keys gets stuck in it, get in touch with a nearby locksmith service. While these repairmen are usually specialized in vehicle locks, along with residential and office locks, they are trained and experienced enough to handle locks of all makes and models, so simple bike chain padlocks should not be a problem for them. If you simply need our old deadlock fixed or rekeyed or you need a duplicate key as you will be sharing your bike with someone else, the guys at Locksmith Key could be just the quick and affordable solution you need.

You can also have them take a look at the loose garage door lock you seem to be having trouble with lately – you do’ want anyone to steal your precious bike, do you? They have coverage in all U.S. states and they work nonstop, round-the-clock, holidays included. They also offer home and office lock-related services such as lock rekey, lock change, lock installation, safe or car ignition services, including car or home lockouts. The advantage of riding a bike on your way to college or the office comes from the fact you cannot lock yourself in it or forget the keys inside the ignition – like it might usually happen when driving a car – but you can end up having someone steal your bike because of an inefficient padlock – so keep it working properly and get in touch with us when you need to urgently rent a few bikes for you and your friends – we have just the wheels you are looking for and we will handle all the maintenance!