Meet Our Interns!

It is no secret that Zagster is expanding at breakneck speed. Four interns have recently joined us for the ride, so let’s get to know them with some fun questions! Duri Abdurahman Duri: Software Engineering Intern from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Studying Computer Science and Economics at Union College. Julia Zaskorski: Operations Intern from Long Island, New York. Recently graduated from Dartmouth College with a dual degree in Mechanical Engineering and a B.A. in Physics from Wellesley College. Kathrine Andersen: Finance Intern from Baerum, Norway (just outside Oslo). Studying Business Analysis and Performance Management at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). Michelle Chan: Content & Design Intern from Silicon Valley’s Cupertino, California. Studying Psychology and Studio Art at Pomona College.


What is a nickname your friends or family know you by?

D: Duri. J: Juj. K: Kathi M: MC.

The entire Zagster team is going on a bonding trip. What are we doing?

D: Bungee jumping. J: Ropes course. K: Vegas! M: Scuba diving.

Favorite snack in the Zagster pantry?

D: The hummus with pretty much anything. J: The V8 tomato juice. I was so happy to see those. K: The nuts! M: Fruit snacks, hands down.

What is one thing you miss about home?

D: My bed. J: I miss my two shelter dogs, Luna and Avery. K: Norwegian water. And breakfast without sugar. M: I miss the availability of (good quality) bubble tea.

Desired superpower?

D: Time travel. J: Teleporting. K: Fly. M: To not have to sleep.

What do you do the 30 minutes before you sleep?

D: Catch up with Flipboard and Twitter. J: Drink a cup of tea and read. But I’m not a grandma, I swear. K: Talk with my roommate/best friend and read news. M: Watch YouTube videos and surf for new music.

Favorite music to dance to:

D: Hip Hop. J: Top 40 Country. K: Taylor Swift. M: Electronic dance music.

You are in charge of urban planning for a new fantasyland in which you will live. Describe it in 140 characters or less.

D: Solar roadways everywhere to cut down carbon emissions and have interactive roadways. J: Majestic trees with sun rays streaming through patches. Silent, lush, and dewy. K: High mountains, fjords consisting of clear, blue water that you can drink, mango trees everywhere, huge mushrooms that you can sit on, very green and always sunny. M: Solar-powered ski lifts, zip-lines, and natural slides for transportation. Perpetual sunset, waterfalls, and hiking trails galore via oceanside cliffs.

What is one mistake or embarrassing moment you’ve had while interning here?

D: Second day here: Brad and Ted.. I confuse them. I said hi to one, walked downstairs and saw the other and was like… How did you get there? Is there a secret elevator? I had to look up who was who online. J: Telling 2 truths and a lie to the team was so hard… I got tongue-tied. So I told 3 truths. I couldn’t tell a lie! K: Yesterday, while bicycling here, I didn’t notice that my seat was wet. So.. my [pants] were wet for 5 hours yesterday. M: Sometimes terribly loud, high-pitched laughs come out of me… Like when I heard Heather curse “the bloody fruit snacks” while taking pantry inventory. That was pretty embarrassing.

What is one thing that not many people know about you, that you want people to know about you?

D: I have 145 cousins, if you include second and third cousins. J: My initials are Jay-Z! K: I don’t actually play basketball. Everyone asks me that all the time. (Editors note: Katherine is over 6 feet tall) M: Competitive swimming used to be my life! I swam against Missy Franklin before she was breaking world records. Yes, I lost.