Introducing mBike: College Park’s bike share solution for the present — and future

College Park’s Terrapins can now move faster than ever.

That’s because today, the City of College Park and the University of Maryland debuted their expansive and highly anticipated bike-share program, mBike. With 120 cruiser bikes and five accessible bikes stationed around town — including at both Metro stops — mBike enables the entire community to move more efficiently around College Park and the region.

With mBike, Zagster affords College Park all the benefits of bike sharing at a fraction of the cost of other bike-share providers. And with the program already proving successful — initial plans called for 100 bikes, though that number increased prior to launch due to increased demand — College Park hopes to ultimately expand mBike into an integral piece of the region’s broader transportation network.

“We’re moving College Park forward by providing easy access to biking and its many benefits,” said College Park Mayor Patrick L. Wojahn. “mBike fills gaps in our current transportation system, giving people an easy way to get to and from the Metro, as well as around campus, all without increasing cars on the roads.”

mBike exemplifies bike sharing’s ideal notions of reciprocal responsibility, benefit, and opportunity. Built in partnership between College Park, the University of Maryland, and Zagster, mBike brings together each party’s unique resources to reach a mutual end: Making it easier for everyone in the College Park community to get on a bike and ride.

“The partnership between College Park and the University of Maryland is an ideal model for how multiple stakeholders in a local community can come together to fully realize the mutual benefits of bike sharing,” said Tim Ericson, Zagster co-founder and CEO. “They are showing that it’s possible to have big city amenities in a college town.”

In other words, mBike is a win-win for everyone.

Read the full mBike press release here.