How to build better communities: Start with bike sharing

Bike sharing builds better communities — and we have the proof, straight from the mouths of our own riders.

If you follow this blog, you know that our overarching mission at Zagster is to make biking the most loved form of transportation. In order to achieve that mission, we have adopted a member-centric approach: The more intuitive and convenient our systems are, the more folks will want to ride. In turn, this approach requires us to listen to you, our members, to get a sense of how you are using Zagster bikes, and to gauge the impact our systems are having in the more than 150 communities we serve. So as part of those efforts, today we released the findings of our first-ever national rider survey. 


Reflecting input from more than 3,500 riders across the U.S. with access to bike shares in cities, on university and corporate campuses and at residential and commercial properties, the results show that having convenient and cost-effective access to a bike makes folks happier and healthier. And not only that — those surveyed indicated that they also feel more connected to their communities as a result of bike sharing.

The findings are best broken down into three categories.


Access Increases Utilization
Zagster is the only way for a majority of those surveyed to access a bike. Access is critical, because while more than half of all Americans say they want to bike more, only 52 percent have access to a working bike, according to a 2015 People for Bikes study. And indeed, two-thirds of survey respondents said they bike more often, and nearly half said they feel more comfortable riding a bike, since joining Zagster. Yet there’s still room for improvement — about 75 percent of those surveyed indicated that they would ride more if there were more protected bike lanes.


Healthier and Happier People
People ride Zagster bikes both for exercise and enjoyment. Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said that Zagster has increased their physical activity, and 60 percent said that they ride just for fun. Over two-thirds also highlighted the fact that Zagster makes it easier to enjoy parks, nature and greenspace, contributing to the impressive number (64 percent) that said Zagster has improved their quality of life. 

A Valued Investment with Impressive ROI
More than 60 percent of Zagster members surveyed said that they feel more connected to their communities as a result of being able to access parks, trails, businesses and other key destinations on a bike. A majority of those surveyed indicated that they are more likely to spend money at local establishments when using Zagster. And there was near unanimity (92 percent) that Zagster was a good investment by the community. 

Thank you to all the Zagster riders who took the time to participate in our survey. We are excited about the overwhelmingly positive feedback and eager to apply the learnings as we continue to work to deliver the best possible bike sharing systems for our members. We serve more than 80,000 riders who have taken nearly a half-million rides — and we look forward to bringing bike sharing to even more communities and riders in the coming years.

Bike sharing builds better communities, and we're proud to be part of that effort.