How Collaborative Sponsorship Solves Bike Sharing’s Funding Conundrum

Collaborative sponsorship lowers the costs and risks of bike sharing to make it viable for cities of all sizes to implement bike shares of their own. Though bike share was once prohibitively expensive for smaller cities, this model of private-public sponsorship enables these municipalities to harness community support to fund strong, successful, and cost-effective bike shares of their own.

But how does collaborative sponsorship work in theory? How does collaborative sponsorship work in practice? And why is collaborative sponsorship an ideal solution for cities with budgets insufficient to alone support bike sharing?

Join Zagster on Thursday, June 9th at 2 pm (EDT) for a free online workshop to learn more about this pioneering model and how cities of any size can benefit from it. This webinar is designed to guide participants through the various sponsorship opportunities and the challenges involved in building a collaborative network of bike-share sponsors.

How to Secure Sponsorship for Your Bike Share Thursday, June 9th at 2 PM ET

In this hour-long webcast, Zagster Head of Marketing Nate Taber will discuss:

● The benefits of collaborative sponsorship

● How to secure sponsors for a bike-share program

● Case studies of successful bikes shares utilizing this model

This webinar is intended for anyone actively exploring funding options for a municipal bike share, as well as anyone who would like to learn more about bike-share funding and collaborative sponsorship in general. We’ll discuss the bike-sharing industry’s move toward collaborative sponsorship, and how that model can work for any system — including yours.