Global Bike Sharing Market to be $6.3 Billion (with a B) Market by 2020

New research from global consulting firm Roland Berger projects that the global market for bike sharing could reach $6.1 billion dollars by 2020.

Fueled by increasing consumer demand, technology enhancements, corporate interest and a growing body of evidence that shows these systems are safe and sustainable, bike sharing is here to stay.  When we first saw Paris' Velib system in 2007, we were hooked.


We've been spending every day since that time working to bring bike sharing -- and really bike riding -- around the globe. In much the same way that car sharing, launched by Zipcar in 2000, went from a niche idea to mainstream, we are seeing the bike sharing industry move from a fringe idea to a "must have" for cities.  Evolution within the industry is happening -- with more options for providers to the big city programs, to new options (like Zagster) for private communities such as real estate, corporate and university campuses, and even peer-peer technologies to let people share their own bikes.

Looking forward to a great 2015!

Image Credit: Consultancy.UK