Collaborative Sponsorship: Local Bike Sharing's Funding Solution

Local bike sharing works for cities of all types and sizes — so long as they first have proper funding. And until recently, that financial roadblock prevented many municipalities from even considering local bike sharing as a feasible transportation option. Zagster is solving that problem. Through a public-private model of collaborative sponsorship, Zagster makes local bike sharing a reality for small- and mid-sized communities nationwide.

Watch the webcast: How to Secure Bike Share Sponsorship

So what is collaborative sponsorship? How does it enable local bike sharing? And how can it bring local bike sharing to your community?

The short answer is that collaborative sponsorship brings communities together to share the costs and benefits of local bike sharing. Anyone in a community — businesses, non-profits, property developers — can sponsor a bike share in return for branding opportunities. It’s a win-win for everyone: Sponsors see a visible return on investment, and communities get better for all their members — including those same sponsors.

For the longer answer, though, and for a complete guide to safe and scalable local bike sharing, check out our free webcast on collaborative sponsorships. (It’s pre-recorded, so you can watch any time.) In just a few minutes, you’ll learn everything you need to begin building or expanding a great bike share of your own. Plus, the webcast comes with handy reference sheets to walk you through the process.

Life’s better on a bike. And through collaborative sponsorship, we make local bike sharing possible so anyone, anywhere can experience that quality of life.