Introducing the New and Improved Zagster Mobile App

The best part of bike sharing is riding a bike; we just made that easier.

We’re constantly upgrading our products and services to ensure our customers have the best possible bike shares. And today, we’re affirming that commitment with the launch of the Zagster mobile app version 2.0.

With additional features and a redesigned interface, the new version of the app improves the entire experience of riding with Zagster. Enhanced instructions simplify the processes of enrolling in Zagster programs and borrowing bikes, while a slick new skin streamlines navigation to make the app more intuitive and user-friendly than ever.

Users can join Zagster in seconds:

Search for and join a bike share system: 


A fast interface makes checkout a breeze:

This is the first significant overhaul of the Zagster mobile app — but it won’t be the last. And that’s a good thing!

At Zagster, we treat bike sharing as a service — not a product. We're always making iterative improvements based on user feedback and delivering regular upgrades to all our customers at no additional cost.

These updates are something that no other bike share provider does, and they are one of the main reasons why Zagster is the nationwide leader in bike sharing.

So head here to download the new app, and then get out there and ride!