Bike Share For Properties: The Significant Upside of a Distinctive Amenity

For cities, bike shares are transportation infrasturure. For real estate properties, however, bike shares are more than that — they’re unique amenities that add enormous value and entice great tenants.

That’s because with transportation preferences shifting nationally toward shared and on-demand modes of transit — a majority of all Americans, and two-thirds of millennials, prefer to live and work where they don’t often need personal cars — bike shares are increasingly desirable add-ons for commercial and residential properties alike.

So what do property-based bike shares look like? And how can interested real estate owners and managers bring these alluring amenities to their properties?

For the answers to those questions and more, check out Zagster’s recent webinar on the subject. You’ll hear from Bradley Ericson, Zagster’s sales manager for real estate, as he walks through all the basics of bike sharing for properties and how Zagster designs and operates impactful programs for properties nationwide.

You can access a recording of the webinar, as well as supplemental informational materials, by using the form embedded below.