Bike Sharing Associated with Fewer Accidents

Bike-sharing sharing options have expanded at a lightning pace across the United States, and one of the most common questions is whether more people get hurt as more bikes hit the road. We always encourage a look at the data whenever possible, and in this case there is quite a bit of data available.

This summer the New York Times reported that after seven years of bike sharing programs in cities across the U.S and 23 million rides there have been no fatal accidents among bike share riders.

Even the rate of accidents (with our without injuries) was astonishingly low: 10.5 crashes per 1 million trips.

Another recent study that has been heavily cited looked at head injuries and the rise of bike share programs. Many reports erroneously conclude that this research showed bike share programs were followed by an increase in head injuries.

In fact, the study showed that the number of all injuries in cities that implemented bike share declined by 28 percent. Head injuries declined by 14 percent.

CityLab also has a great article on this study, including some possible reasons for the decline in injuries associated with bike sharing program. Among our favorite reasons is that more bike riders on the road encourages everybody, riders and drivers, to be more aware, and thus safer.

At Zagster we always recommend using a helmet, be safe, stay visible to traffic and have fun!