Zagster Brings Bicycle Sharing to Conference of Mayors

The future of bicycle sharing is headed to the U.S. Conference of Mayors. In fact, in a sense, it’s already there. That’s because the annual meeting takes place June 24-27 in Indianapolis this year, with opening night festivities in neighboring Carmel — one of Zagster’s many municipal bicycle sharing partners.

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Carmel’s thriving bike share already has 80 bikes and 10 stations. But to serve the influx of attendees, and to tout a key aspect of award-winning Carmel’s progressive transportation planning, Zagster is partnering with the USCM and the city to host a temporary bike-share station at Friday night’s kickoff gala at Carmel’s Palladium and Center Green.

All attendees will have the opportunity to take Zagster bikes for a free spin around the event. Our team members will be on site to answer any questions and to help get people rolling. And because bicycle sharing is becoming an expected amenity in cities of all sizes, we’ll have some succinct informational materials to distribute to everyone interested in bringing bicycle sharing to their communities.

We’re ecstatic about the opportunity to serve mayors from across the country and to show off Carmel’s lauded bike share. But don’t just take our word for it that bicycle sharing is going great in Carmel.

Our local partners hail the Carmel Bike Share as “very successful” and a “great program for the community.” And The Indianapolis Star, noting that we quadrupled our Carmel fleet in just one year while also expanding into the neighboring town Westfield, recently wrote that the program is “off to fast start.” It’s no surprise, then, that we’re already seeing interest in expanding the system yet again to the rest of the county.

“Everything we do to raise the quality of life, including creating a bike share with a great company like Zagster, helps make this a more competitive place,” says Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard. “A better place.”

We agree, and we hope everyone in attendance at the USCM’s annual meeting gets a chance to take a spin, see why bicycle sharing is all the rage in Carmel, and learn what bicycle sharing can do for their communities, too.