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5 Ways to Use Zagster on Your Lunch Break

Tired of staring at your screen all day? It is no secret that time away from the desk can boost efficiency and morale. If your office has Zagster, it is easier than ever to hop on a bike, take full advantage of your lunch break, and still maintain (and even enhance) productivity. Here are five smart ways to do so: Eat lunch somewhere other than in your office

If you ever tire of packing lunch or eating microwaved leftovers, going out to eat may prove a revitalizing choice. Stepping away from your desk will give your mind the needed mental distance from the responsibilities and tasks at hand. This mid-day break is also a great mode of building relationships with friends or coworkers. If you’d like to meet someone new, the mobile app Let’s Lunch will help you schedule lunch or coffee breaks with interesting local professionals with whom you can build your network. A quick bike ride will take you there without the hassle of driving and better yet, a brisk ride will leave you feeling physically refreshed and ready to go upon return. Keep in mind that a wholesome, nutritious lunch is key to bolstering productivity and fueling your body through that afternoon hump.

Fit in a quick, fun bout of exercise

Ride solo or grab a friend! Biking is an effective and enjoyable way to build up muscle tone, stamina, and cardiovascular health. Fitting exercise into your work day, even if for just 20 minutes, can release neurochemicals that will reduce stress, improve mood, bolster creativity, and increase learning and memory retention. Whether you are cycling to a destination or merely touring the nearby neighborhoods, Zagster makes a midday workout extremely accessible and efficient. You can use our map function in the Zagster mobile application to find a nearby bike route.

Run (bike?) errands

Maybe you overslept and skipped the supermarket on your way to work. Maybe you’re rushing home after work to prepare for a dinner party. Whatever the case, your lunch break is a great chance to get away from the office, occupy your mind with non-work-related things, and check another item off your “to do” list. Riding a Zagster bike will also save you the hassle of navigating parking lots and crowded streets during that hectic lunch hour traffic.

Visit another office

At larger corporate campuses, trekking from building to building can be a journey. For example, General Motor’s Technical Center in Warren, Michigan spans 720 acres - not easy to get around. GM employees love to take advantage of Zagster by biking to meetings at other offices or simply to visit a coworker and simply avoiding the time and energy it would take to walk to one’s car, drive to another lot, and find parking (not to mention again the lunch hour traffic). Simplify your travels with emission-free, user-friendly bikes; Zagster bikes are available to grab and go in seconds.

Locate a quiet area to meditate

Try as you might, most offices are not conducive to giving your mind a break from the chaos. With the constant bustle of coworkers and looming stress of duties and meetings, it is important to take time during the workday to clear your mind in the peace of a nearby park or other calm setting. Meditation is becoming more and more common among highly-stressed professionals, with large corporations like Google even offering classes to its employees on mindfulness and self-awareness. Studies on the effectiveness of meditation in the workplace have shown that it can increase focus, improve memory, and decrease stress among many other benefits. A quick bike ride can take you from a noisy, tense office to a perfect site for solitude -- and you can avoid overturning the peaceful results that come with driving through traffic, too!