Shared Mobility as Amenity: How Real Estate Companies and Top Employers Attract Occupants and Employees

Shared Mobility as Amenity: How Real Estate Companies and Top Employers Attract Occupants and Employees

by Bradley Ericson

As Sales Director at Zagster, Bradley leads Zagster’s partnerships with property owners, commercial real estate (CRE) companies, management companies, and employers (corporate campus). He designs fleet management solutions for these partners, often utilizing multiple modes of e-mobility.

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Bradley Ericson

Sales Director

Attracting great tenants and talented employees is increasingly about offering top-tier amenities. Leading real estate companies and world-class employers are noticing that people are flocking to micro-mobility (scooters, e-bikes, and pedal bikes), and they're looking to accommodate the trend.

Almost nobody knew what a bike share was until a few years back, but today it's a standard component in almost every new property development, new apartment development, or corporate campus. We're seeing the same trend with e-mobility (e-bikes and e-scooters), with early adopters leading the way on embracing multiple modes of micro-mobility. They’re adopting our fleet management platform to become the most luxurious real estate brand for tenants, the most attractive employer destination for talent.

What Our Partners Want


Our real estate customers fall into two categories: employers who view micro-mobility as a great intra-campus transportation service and real estate companies seeking to offer micro-mobility as a free lifestyle amenity for occupants. In that first category, some employers are spending $15,000 a month on shuttle services or lease cars so employees can get around their campuses. One employer I spoke with recently told me they spend $11,000 a month on a shuttle service that 3 people used last month.

Employers come to us for attractive mobility options with a predictable fee and a lower cost of entry. We offer e-bikes with pedal assist, so if you’re wearing a dress or suit, you're not sweating. E-mobility is ideal for closed corporate campuses (think Google or GM) where everybody drives in. Maybe somebody has to go to multiple meetings, and those meetings are in different buildings. You can jump on a scooter, ride a half mile and arrive on time. It’s great when we can replace expensive employer shuttle buses or car lease programs. Amazingly, 73% of employees say they consider amenities like shared mobility when choosing an employer. We manage all the logistics for employers and help control costs.

Real estate companies offer micro-mobility as a premium lifestyle amenity. The best luxury apartments and office buildings want to charge a premium per square foot, so they need to provide top amenities. They look to us for the transportation side. Tenants can use our vehicles to ride to work, lunch, nearby shopping centers, and services. Our e-mobility solutions increase the reach of the property, making properties more valuable. We brand the vehicles with the company’s brand, so the amenity gives off that premium lifestyle feeling -- whenever occupants want to go somewhere, vehicles are ready at their front door. That value is hard to quantify, but it’s one of the most visible amenities possible.

Collaborating to Design Solutions

Building a great fleet management platform takes experience, tools, and great people, which we have. We begin designing solutions for companies by talking through how the fleet might be used, then we talk through some limitations, such as space, who can use the vehicles, and budgets. And then we talk through options.

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We service the vehicles on a regular basis and also offer programs to teach riders about safety, so the demands of maintenance and education don’t fall upon the property manager, but become our job. We typically sign a simple order form and agreement. We have an account manager who surveys riders and talks to the owners. They ensure we’re meeting the program’s defined goals, and also driving improvement. Because we're not charging riders, we're completely aligned with our business partners.

A Focus on Core Competencies

We allow real estate companies and employers to perform their core function, which isn’t fleet management. A few prospects have told me they’ve bought $300 scooters on Amazon. Terrific -- but that fails to factor in 90% of what makes or breaks a successful program. What makes or breaks a program is the confidence riders have in the vehicles and the fleet management platform. Are there enough vehicles ready to go when and where needed? Are they maintained and safe? We don’t sell hardware and wait for vehicles to break down. We remove all those inefficiencies and conflicts-of-interest, offering a complete solution.

We have national, signed partnerships with big hitters in commercial real estate and among employer campuses. Companies like CBRE, the largest commercial real estate company in the country, with Hines, the largest office developer in the country, with AvalonBay and Wood Partners, the largest multi-family and home builder in the country. The commonality here is that they all pride themselves on offering a package of amenities that's a cut above their competitors. We’ve worked with probably half of the top 50 developers in the country, and we’ve seen such a high number of conversations that we went to their leadership and actually made a templated agreement and preferred pricing, so they can plug us in really easily on new projects/developments.

Final Word: Opportunity Ahead


Multiple modes of micro-mobility have opened up new properties that we weren't able to service before. In many cases, e-mobility allows us to extend the reach of a property from a mile for pedal bikes, to two and a half miles or more with e-scooters and e-bikes. In addition, a lot of people feel much more comfortable going on longer trips on an e-mobility vehicle than a pedal bike, and that’s just opening up a whole new world for riders, for companies, and for us at Zagster. That’s a triple win.

If you’re a real estate company or employer looking to capitalize on micro-mobility as an attractive amenity for tenants/occupants and employees, reach out to us here.