National Bike Month - Recap and Announcement of Our “Why I Bike” Contest Winners

National Bike Month - Recap and Announcement of Our “Why I Bike” Contest Winners

by Karl Alexander

Karl is Senior Market Manager for Zagster's Northeast markets. He feels fortunate to have a job which emphasizes his background in transportation and community development, bringing new solutions to advance municipal goals for livability and wellness. In his spare time, Karl is pursuing his Master's degree in Urban Planning at Umass Boston and advocates for trail connectivity in the Greater Boston area.

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Karl Alexander

Senior Market Manager

In May, we celebrated National Bike Month, sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists. We offered half off our annual membership for the whole month, and about 10,000 new members joined us in May! We also organized a “Why I Bike” contest awarding five FREE annual Zagster memberships for the best quotes people shared with us about why they bike. We posted many of the 100 + quotes we received through Zagster’s social media accounts all last month. Check them out!

Before we announce our five contest winners, I wanted to say a few words about why Zagster is so committed to biking. Put simply, biking is a critical component of every community’s goals for livability, wellness, and transportation.

  1. Biking is great exercise for the mind and body. According to Cycling UK, “cycling to work is linked with a 45% lower risk of developing cancer, and a 46% lower risk of cardiovascular disease, compared to commuting by car or public transport.” Little wonder that cities such as Boston and Cardiff (Wales) offer free/subsidized bike share memberships as a public health benefit.

  2. Biking is a convenient and green form of transit that helps reduce air pollution and costly car parking infrastructure. The CO2 emissions/carbon footprint per kilometer of travel by car is 271 grams, while the carbon footprint for a bike is barely 8% of that (at 21 grams per kilometer), according to a study by the European Cyclists Federation. Bikes take up less space than cars, freeing up parking spaces and auto infrastructure, not to mention public tax dollars, for other investments such as education and recreational spaces.

  3. Biking helps local economies in ways that go far beyond people biking to work or using bikes to connect with public transit options. The report Biking Means Business notes that “the spill-over effects of all bicycling-related activities could be as large as $133 billion, supporting 1.1 million jobs and generating $17.7 billion in federal, state, and local taxes.” Biking creates a more community-based and sustainable business model for communities of all sizes.

These are among the many reasons we spent May encouraging people to try biking or deepen their existing relationship with biking. We were thrilled to see over 60,000 rides taken on Zagster/Pace bike shares by 23,000 riders in May.  One of our bike share “power users” is Mohamed of Dearborn, Michigan. Mohamed’s school, the University of Michigan, Dearborn, just launched a Zagster bike share in April, connecting it to the City of Dearborn’s existing program. For the UMD bike share’s first full month (May), Mohamed was the top rider with 130 rides, or more than 4 per day! As you’ll hear from our five contest-winners, biking serves people as exercise, a way to socialize, connect with nature, get to work (and class), stay young, manage the stresses of life, and much more.

The Five Winning Quotes (in no particular order):

"Biking is a great anti-depressant and balance exercise for this 72-year-old." - Carole

My take: Carole is clearly aging with grace and using two wheels to find balance amidst life’s inevitable ups and downs. A bike share is an important quality-of-life resource for aging populations who can use it to stay active, healthy, and engaged.

"Biking is the only exercise I get these days with my kindergartner. She rides her bike, I rent a Pace bike, and off we go!" -  @TrishLopez_1

My take: Using a bike share is a great way to fit your child’s bike into your car, and simply grab one of ours for a great day of family recreation! It’s a dream use case for Zagster.



"I love riding a bike because it gives me the opportunity to free my mind while observing and listening to nature, while working my brain and body at the same time." - @scando331

My take: Cycling is so good for both physical and mental wellness! Getting outside on a bike, riding through beautiful scenery, can re-connect us to nature and ourselves. Biking is a great part of healthy living.

"My dog Tyson and I love bike riding. We use a Zagster bike." - Jim

My take: A dog can be a cyclist’s best friend, and spending time on two wheels with your pet is a great way to bond with any four-legged friend. Talk about happiness in a photo -- see the one below of Tyson taking a break!

"I sit at a desk all day. Getting out and riding a bike takes me back to my childhood. I was ALWAYS on my bike growing up, even when I got my driver’s license I hopped on my bike to ride to my dad at work to tell him I passed my test!" - Barbara

My take:  Biking helps counteract our modern sedentary lifestyle, which can harm our health and render us inactive and stressed out. One way to beat the stresses connected with sitting in car traffic and sitting all day at work is to get moving on two wheels, under your own power.

Congratulations to these five amazing winners, and everyone else who participated in the “Why I Bike” contest. At Zagster, we believe that every month should be “National Bike Month,” at least unofficially, but we loved celebrating it with you in May!

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