This Week's Ride With Us, June 28th Edition

This Week's Ride With Us, June 28th Edition

by Keli Hoyt-Rupert

Keli is Zagster’s Director of Market Management -- she is responsible for a team of Market Managers that manages the relationships Zagster builds with our community partners. If you’re looking for news about our micro-mobility programs, Keli doesn’t just have a front-row seat, she’s in the game every day.

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Keli Hoyt-Rupert

Director, Market Management

In this week’s newsletter, I’ll update you on our amazing community partners in Oregon, Indiana, New York, and Colorado. We’ll also explore trends in bike and e-scooter docking stations, as well as how micro-mobility continues to mature around the globe. Let’s get this ride rolling!

News from Our Communities

Salem (OR). Oregon’s beautiful capital city now has a bike share program, thanks to our amazing partners at Ride Salem. Mayor Chuck Bennett attended the June 22nd launch and helped Ride Salem founders Evan and Jenna Osborne cut the ceremonial ribbon. We interviewed Evan and Jenna this week, asking what their hopes were for the new bike share. Jenna told us she hopes to see “more people out there using bikes, enjoying the outdoors, and having great experiences like Evan and I had seeing places on two wheels. And if we can get more cars off the road . . .give people alternate means of transportation, and reduce the need for parking, we’d love all of that” for Salem. 

Purdue University and Lafayette (IN). Our existing Purdue Bike Share added e-scooters on June 26. Together with our partner Spin, we launched 150 e-scooters to serve both Purdue (with its student population of over 40,000) and the community of Lafayette (about 170,00 people live here and in West Lafayette). Community leaders in Lafayette wanted inclusive payment options for the ”unbanked.” In response, the multi-modal program is providing options for those without debit or credit cards, or phone apps, while also giving discounts to low-income people in order to promote access. “Being able to find ways to improve equity and offer discounted rides to users that need another mobility option is something we like to partner with cities on,” said Frank Speek of Spin. We’re looking forward to serving these great Indiana communities.

Women’s Bike Festival, Rochester, NY

Women’s Bike Festival, Rochester, NY

Rochester (NY). My colleague Christy and I attended the June 15 Women’s Bike Festival, and were proud to offer our Pace bikes for two group rides. Women came together for the free, day-long event featuring workshops that encouraged women to join the bicycling community. The festival’s many presentations included: how to shop for a bike, the different types of bikes and places to ride them, a beginner’s guide to bike maintenance, commuting to work by bike, road safety, and much more. There was also a vendor expo, demo bikes of all kinds, and prizes. As the photos prove, we had so much fun supporting women and bicycling in Rochester!

Fort Collins (CO). Perhaps the best little bike city in the nation, Fort Collins held its 32nd Annual Bike to Work Day on Wednesday, June 26. As FoCo folks pedalled into work, they could stop at one of 68 free breakfast stations. That’s a lot of breakfast! As with everything bike-related in Fort Collins, the Bike to Work event saw massive turnout and widespread community support from the likes of Bike Fort Collins, Colorado State University, New Belgium Brewing Company, and beyond. The Coloradoan newspaper even sent a photographer who snapped 26 great photos of the morning event. My favorite is of bike mechanic Joe Wilson working hard on a bike while several helmeted cyclists, each holding a delicious-looking pastry, stand there munching and watching.

Other Micro-Mobility News

Docking options for bikes and scooters

Docking options for bikes and scooters

A great new Shared Micro-Mobility article, Why Docks Are Part of the Future of Micro-Mobility, gets you up-to-date on exciting new trends in bike and e-scooter docking stations. As author Alexandre Gauquelin writes: “docks are a good complementary solution to provide micro-mobility options to suburbs or less populated zones, by lowering the maintenance and balancing needs.” Zagster views docks as an important part of the success of our programs. We’ve found that riders and programs respond well to having bikes docked and ready to go when needed.  We also offer semi-dockless programs which allow for reliability of bikes being at-station but also enable off-station parking utilizing existing city infrastructure. Zagster always seeks the right solutions for different communities and needs, which can require some flexibility.

Finally, Forbes looks at the future of global micro-mobility. The article, written by John Frazer, explains that much still needs to be done to support growth, including building better infrastructure for bikes and e-scooters, developing regulatory frameworks, and delivering more rider safety for all modes of micro-mobility. Yet these changes are happening now, and will continue to happen, for one simple reason: “People want these [micro-mobility] options, and companies and governments will ultimately respond. Micro-mobility, in some form, will become a fixture in cities around the globe.”

Thanks for riding along, and have yourself a great end-of-June weekend!