<strong>This week's Ride With Us</strong>, May 3rd Edition

This week's Ride With Us, May 3rd Edition

by Keli Hoyt-Rupert

Keli is Zagster’s Director of Market Management -- she is responsible for a team of Market Managers that manages the relationships Zagster builds with our community partners. If you’re looking for news about our micro-mobility programs, Keli doesn’t just have a front-row seat, she’s in the game every day.

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Keli Hoyt-Rupert

Director, Market Management

This week’s newsletter includes updates from our amazing community partners in Knoxville (TN), San Francisco (CA), and Cumberland (GA), as well as takeaways from our participation in “Transportation Camp” at MIT and a great webinar on navigating change in the shared mobility space. Finally, we’ll share a special offer related to National Bike Month. Let’s roll . . .

News and Events from Our Communities

101 California Street, San Francisco. Commercial real estate companies are increasingly viewing bike share programs as an attractive amenity for their tenants. 101 California Street is a 48-floor skyscraper in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District. Its tenants include companies like Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. We’ve had an existing bike share program there as a popular, free amenity for tenants. On May 1, we added e-bikes into the mix, giving tenants enhanced micro-mobility options.

Knoxville, TN. As of May 1, we are re-launching a scooter share with our partner Spin.  We are proud of our community-driven approach in Knoxville. It reflects our company’s collaborative spirit, which Zagster’s new CEO, Dan Grossman, talks about in an interview with Xconomy. We now operate both bikes and scooters in Knoxville, and are looking forward to serving the needs of the Knoxville community.

101 California Street, San Francisco

101 California Street, San Francisco

Cumberland, GA. Just 10 miles from busy downtown Atlanta, Cumberland has nearly completed its gorgeous Bob Callan Trail Extension (the $9.1 million project is scheduled to open this summer). We were honored when Cumberland city officials toured the soon-to-be-opened trails on our Zagster bikes -- what a great way to gain a “sneak peek”! These new trails are perfect for anyone in metro Atlanta wanting an amazing stroll during lunch break or looking to bike to work along a breathtaking natural landscape.

Cambridge, MA. Zagster attended TransportationCamp New England on the campus of MIT. Here are a three key takeaways from this fun, informative, and collaborative event, courtesy of myself and Karl Alexander:

Transportation Camp

Transportation Camp

  1. Micro-mobility is enabling our public spaces to be less car-focused, opening up new space for social interaction, recreation, and enjoyment.

  2. People in the public and private sectors, as well as academia and non-profits are working hard to craft policies and programs that advance micro-mobility, while also working to actively reduce the need for car-oriented infrastructure.

  3. We should always design and build micro-mobility with end users in mind. Engaging with and considering the needs of our riders and community partners will help us constantly improve our product and create better solutions to address ongoing challenges.

Other News

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo just announced that the state will invest $144 million to enhance access for bicyclists and pedestrians. As Governor Cuomo explains, "New York State is making historic, nation-leading investments in cleaner and more sustainable transportation infrastructure which is crucial to the growth of local economies. These investments . . . will help revitalize communities, reduce our carbon footprint and demonstrate once again that New York is building for the future." We’re thrilled to hear about such wise public investments and happy that some of our amazing community partners, including Rochester (NY), will benefit!

The North American Bike Share Association (NABSA) just hosted an informative webinar, Navigating Change in the Bikeshare and Shared Micro-mobility Industry. Our own Christy Jensen offered the following takeaways: (1) industry collaboration is necessary to drive the long-term success of micro-mobility. When we help build better cities, everybody wins; (2) we need happy, healthy employees to drive growth, so companies must ensure their workers are paid livable wages and receive long-term development and career opportunities.

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Finally, May is National Bike Month, sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists. We’re celebrating by offering half off our annual membership starting Monday. Just download the Zagster app and sign up -- the discount applies automatically. In addition, we’re also giving away five FREE memberships for a year. Just email us at social@zagster.com and let us know why you bike.

Enjoy your weekend and get on a Zagster bike if you can!