This week's Ride With Us, May 17th Edition

This week's Ride With Us, May 17th Edition

by Keli Hoyt-Rupert

Keli is Zagster’s Director of Market Management -- she is responsible for a team of Market Managers that manages the relationships Zagster builds with our community partners. If you’re looking for news about our micro-mobility programs, Keli doesn’t just have a front-row seat, she’s in the game every day.

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Keli Hoyt-Rupert

Director, Market Management

This week’s newsletter includes updates from our amazing community partners in Springfield (MO), St. George (UT), Aurora (IL), and Rochester (NY), as well as a call for closer collaboration in the micro-mobility space from the Mayor of San Francisco, news from the Sustainable Transportation Summit in Boulder (CO), and much more. We’ll also get into some trends around launching multiple modes of micro-mobility to reflect user and community preferences. So let’s get on our bikes, e-bikes, or e-scooters, and get rolling . . .

News from Our Communities

Springfield, Missouri. The city's first bikeshare program, at TLC Properties (it’s an amazing, free amenity for tenants at Township 28), launched on Monday and local news teams showed up for all the excitement, interviewing a few tenants eager to get on a bike for the first time in years. Enjoy the following video story about the launch. We’re also launching, or planning to launch, new micro-mobility programs in Provo (UT), Grand Fork (ND), and McHenry County (IL).

St. George, Utah. This city of about 170,000 was recently described as “the fastest-growing metropolitan area in the entire United States” by USA Today. Zagster deploys both bikes and Spin scooters there, and our St. George Operations Manager, Jamie Mills, was just interviewed in a terrific ZBlog post. Jamie describes how she and the City have forged a highly-collaborative relationship to address community needs with multiple modes of micro-mobility: “we have fantastic partners in the City of St. George, including Marc Mortensen, director of support services for the City,” Jamie explains. “[we] communicate regularly to ensure that the community is being well-served. For example, Marc might reach out to see if we can provide additional scooters for events, such as the Arts Festival. We’ll then do advanced planning to ensure needs are getting met.”

City of Aurora staffer Souts Thavong regularly uses the City's Zagster bike share program to enjoy downtown Aurora during lunch breaks.   Courtesy of City of Aurora

City of Aurora staffer Souts Thavong regularly uses the City's Zagster bike share program to enjoy downtown Aurora during lunch breaks. Courtesy of City of Aurora

Aurora, Illinois. This Chicago suburb of about 200,000 residents is hosting its first-ever Bike Week Celebration, On Saturday, May 18, the city’s Restaurant Row will be the site of outdoor games, chalk-drawing, and bike safety discussions. Downtown businesses are also pitching in with special promotions, such as Endiro Coffee offering discounts to all cyclists. Finally, the City of Aurora is encouraging everyone to register for its popular Zagster bike-share program. "We want to start a larger conversation among Aurora residents about the role of biking in the community and the positive benefits it can offer," says Rene Craig, chairman of the Aurora Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Transit Advisory Board. At Zagster, we love to be a part of these great conversations about bikes!

Rochester, NY. We’ve had an amazing bike share program in Rochester for 3 years, and now e-scooters may be coming soon to complement the existing bike share. Rochester “Mayor Lovely Warren has submitted legislation to the City Council that would authorize Zagster to operate” 400 e-scooters, according to Rochester’s City Newspaper. The city’s vote is contingent upon the approval of e-scooter use on public roads by the New York state legislature, in Albany. We’ll keep you updated. As we saw in St. George, offering multiple modes of micro-mobility can better serve community needs. Not everyone wants to ride a bike, and there are great use cases for all 3 existing forms of micro-mobility (bikes, e-bikes, and e-scooters). Zagster is vehicle agnostic, meaning we deploy whatever mix of vehicles our communities prefer. We put communities first, knowing “one vehicle may not fit all.”

Other Micro-Mobility News

The San Francisco Chronicle recently published a fantastic article explaining that the days of dumping micro-mobility vehicles onto the streets and seeking “forgiveness”/permission later on are coming to an abrupt end. Apparently, the “hottest new trend” in micro-mobility today (one we’ve been driving for over a decade) is asking for permission first and collaborating with cities to develop solutions. If you don’t, you may face expulsion and hefty fines. As San Francisco Mayor London Breed warns everyone in the space, “I need you to come to us before you do something that’s going to impact the public.” It sounds like Mayor Breed isn’t kidding, and local officials across the nation would certainly echo her.

Zagster just attended the Sustainable Transportation Summit in Boulder, Colorado this week. The Summit brought together local, regional and national innovators to showcase multi-modal projects. It also highlighted success stories and new ways to implement transportation technology, deliver first and final mile solutions, build multi-modal infrastructure, and more. We love meeting others in the space to discuss these topics and to help shape micro-mobility!

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As you know, May is National Bike Month, sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists. And next week is Bike to Work week. To celebrate, we’re offering half off our annual membership. Just download the Zagster app -- the discount applies automatically. We’re also giving away five FREE memberships for a year. Just email us at and let us know why you bike.

Thanks for riding along, and have a great weekend!