This week's Ride With Us, April 19th Edition

This week's Ride With Us, April 19th Edition

by Keli Hoyt-Rupert

Keli is Zagster’s Director of Market Management -- she is responsible for a team of Market Managers that manages the relationships Zagster builds with our community partners. If you’re looking for news about our micro-mobility programs, Keli doesn’t just have a front-row seat, she’s in the game every day.

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Keli Hoyt-Rupert

Director, Market Management

This week’s newsletter will include news from our amazing community partners and Zagstars (what we call our people). You’ll be hearing about our programs in Dearborn (MI), St. George (UT), Salem (MA), and elsewhere. I’ll also discuss how the popularity of e-scooters can actually boost bike ridership. Let’s get rolling . . .

News and Events from Our Communities

Zagster’s Director of People Operations, Kyla Hanaway, wrote an important ZBlog post this week describing our commitment to people. I agree with Kyla: the single best way we help our community partners is by empowering our great people at all levels. As Kyla explains: “Our people add value in ways that go far beyond written job descriptions or ‘defined’ roles. We often use a tagline at Zagster: ‘Driven by Technology, Operated by Humans.’ Zagster continues to learn, iterate, and grow. As we do, it's exciting to watch our people continue to step up and shine.”

St. George, Utah. Kyla’s post mentions our operations managers as “core to our success.” I asked our St. George Operations Manager, Jamie Mills, who steps up and shines every day, how she empowers her people. “I set firm, fair and consistent expectations that are realistic and attainable for my team,” says Jamie. “I will go above and beyond to ensure they are successful. It’s critical that an Operations Manager have a working knowledge of their team’s responsibilities in order to assist them in the field. I deploy, retrieve, navigate as well as perform managerial duties in order to be a trusted source for my team to rely upon. The bottom line? I trust my team to perform their duties to the best of their abilities and they trust me to lead to the best of mine.” The results in St. George speak volumes . . .

St. George, Utah Zagstars

St. George, Utah Zagstars

We recently launched 400 e-scooters in St. George, with our partners at Spin. Marc Mortensen, director of support services for the City of St. George, is ecstatic with the results.  The program has seen over 13,000 e-scooter rides in the first few weeks. Most of these rides are Dixie State University students riding to and from their housing complexes to the university, “which is exactly why we implemented the program in the first place,” Mortensen told The Spectrum, “to help Dixie State reduce the need for parking on campus.” Even better, the e-scooters have not reduced bike ridership. In fact, attention for the e-scooters has actually increased bike ridership! Congrats to Jamie Mills, her amazing team, our partners at Spin, Marc Mortensen, and the entire St. George community for the program’s ongoing success!

Dearborn, MIchigan. We’re happy to be launching a new program in partnership with the University of Michigan at Dearborn. The program is intended to connect the campus and its students with the City of Dearborn, which has its own Zagster program. UM-Dearborn’s Business Affairs Senior Manager Marc Anthony Brigolin said in a press release that UMD “looked at a variety of bike sharing options, but Zagster’s strong connection in the greater community and positive feedback from the city swayed the decision." We’re honored to help!

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Salem, Massachusetts. We’re also proud to partner both with Salem State University and the historic City of Salem. The Salem program’s premier partner, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts hosted a unique launch party on April 11th at the Salem State campus. BCBS and its team brought a “blender bike” that made delicious smoothies for attendees. We’ve got some fun photos too!

Other Launches. We love it when communities work together, especially when they choose us as collaborators.  Four towns in Massachusetts are coming together to provide shared mobility through the Minuteman Bike Share Network, including historic Lexington and Concord, as well as the amazing towns of Acton and Maynard. Other re-launched programs this week include New Bedford (MA) and Itasca (IL).

Other News

This terrific StreetsBlog USA article looks at how shared mobility is reducing car traffic and emissions. Through lots of great stats and charts, the article shows that more people are getting away from cars and adopting multiple micro-mobility options. Even as scooter trips have increased, ridership for docked bikeshare has held steady and even grown (similar to what we’re seeing in St. George). All modes are being utilized. I LOVE this article because it proves that micro-mobility isn’t a zero-sum game where one mode wins and another loses. Popular new modes like e-scooters can actually increase the ridership for bikes. That’s a win-win for everyone!

Enjoy your weekend and spend some of it on a bike!