ICYMI: The Week in Micromobility, January 25th Edition

ICYMI: The Week in Micromobility, January 25th Edition

by Timothy Ericson

There wouldn’t be a Zagster if it weren’t for Timothy Ericson. As Founder and Chief Business Officer, Timothy is responsible for growing Zagster and reshaping cities with its nifty microtransit solutions. Also, if you’re looking for a wine recommendation, he’s your guy.

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Tim Ericson

Founder & CBO

What’s a weekend without some reading? And there’s a lot to catch up in the world of microtransit this week, including some very good news for Zagster programs. Here’s our weekly roundup of the news in our part of the world. I hope you enjoy it.

I really liked this smart take from the editorial page of the Omaha World-Journal. Like a lot of cities, Omaha is considering a scooter share project, but the city government and citizenry have some legitimate concerns. The World Journal has a rational approach to addressing them.

Why have ten percent of all residents of Tel Aviv ridden a scooter? Religious practice plays a fascinating part, as do fun, economics and transit needs. A good read from the Wall Street Journal.

We had some great news from our bikeshare program in Knoxville this week. Turns out folks are taking to Pace bikes in droves. My favorite statistic: riders have burned 2.6 million calories on our bikes. That’s the caloric equivalent of 743 pounds.

Over on the Zagster blog, my colleague Adrian Albus wrote a terrific post about why our employment model—offering salaries and hourly wages, not pay-per-piece work—is more sustainable and committed to our partners than the gig model. It’s proof of how we work to become a part of the communities we serve.

Another one of my colleagues, Dave Nourie, is a legendary old school BMX rider who handles our fleet in Ashland, Oregon. Be sure to watch the video of Dave ripping it up.

Finally, here are details about the ribbon-cutting ceremony for our new bikeshare project in Santa Clarita, California. Folks have been riding the bikes since December, but we’re making it official. Hope you can join us at the Iron Horse trailhead next Thursday!

Have a great weekend!