ICYMI: The Week in Micromobility

ICYMI: The Week in Micromobility

by Timothy Ericson

There wouldn’t be a Zagster if it weren’t for Timothy Ericson. As Founder and Chief Business Officer, Timothy is responsible for growing Zagster and reshaping cities with its nifty microtransit solutions. Also, if you’re looking for a wine recommendation, he’s your guy.

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Tim Ericson

Founder & CBO

We suppose you could binge-watch Riverdale this holiday weekend. But while we find the new take on Jughead as fascinating as the Betty-Veronica debate, we prefer to use our snow days catching up on our microtransit reading. That’s why Zagster compiled this roundup of news, deep thinking and fun stuff from across the shared mobility world. Enjoy it while your world slows down.

The big news this week was the release of the findings from Portland, Oregon’s e-scooter pilot. Turns out that people really like the scooters and use them instead of taking car trips. We’re all for that. The study also suggests a trial in 2019. We’re all for that, too.

Everybody wants a piece of the micromobility market, as Harley-Davidson so cooly demonstrated by unveiling an electric bicycle at CES 2019. We don’t know if it would work in a fleet, but it’s a lot of fun to look at.

We loved this piece on Medium about the economic benefits of bikeshare. Not just because it reinforces everything we stand for, but because it offers hard numbers on why towns of all sizes should consider micromobility. At just four minutes, it’s worth your time.

 Zagster’s own Z blog published a couple of good pieces this week, too. We offered a look at how our partners in Wichita, Kansas’s economic engine, have used bikeshare to attract young talent to the city. We also offered some tips from our operators in Knoxville, TN on how bikeshares can best ingrain themselves into a city’s culture.

Finally, this piece from Jason Gay, the Wall Street Journal’s very bike-friendly sports writer, captures the thrill of riding a bike 184 miles per hour. Considering the average Zagster rider goes 8 miles per hour, we think you’ll find this entertaining, and maybe a litter terrifying.

Enjoy your weekend!