Join the Virtual Peaceful Spin on Zwift this Thursday, January 17th

by Zagster

Join the Virtual Peaceful Spin on Zwift this Thursday, January 17th

When you ride a bike, you become part of a community. You may be just one person on one bicycle riding down one street, but you’re part of a group of millions of people—just like you—who have chosen to experience the world on two wheels. In that, we are all alike.

That’s why we’d like the entire Zagster community to join us Thursday, January 17th at 6:35 pm EST for A Peaceful Spin, a virtual one-hour ride to celebrate peace and tolerance. The ride will be hosted by Zwift, the virtual training app used by people in more countries than are represented at the United Nations. (We told you cycling brings people together!) Click here for more information about the ride.

The ride is the brainchild of Peter Cassidy, an Atrium Health vice president and avid cyclist, who was looking for a positive way to bring people together in the wake of last fall’s mass shootings. (Atrium Health of Gaston County, NC , sponsors the Zagster-powered Go Gaston Bike Share.) “I went from feeling powerless to compelled when I thought of this,” Cassidy says. “Because the ride is virtual, people of all abilities can join, and the reach is  global.”

If you’re in North Carolina, you can physically join the virtual ride in Charlotte at Bicycle Sport and TotalCyclist, which will have smart-trainers setup at their locations for cyclists to participate in person.

Not on Zwift? Here’s a thought: bring your local bikeshare members together for a real ride on January 17th. Take A Peaceful Spin through the streets of your town, and spread the word that bikes bring us all together. And spread the word with #apeacefulspin.