2014 - A Tipping Point for Biking

As the confetti is swept up from streets around the world today, we take a moment to reflect back on what a great year for biking, bike sharing and Zagster. We saw the continued march of major city-wide bike programs launching in new cities, including such sustainability stalwarts as Seattle. We saw the first major acquisition in the industry, a move that will strengthen CitiBike and may set a new model for these large programs. We saw research showing that bike sharing programs in cities raise overall awareness of bikers thus leading to lower injuries all around. When we founded Zagster (as CityRyde) in 2007, it was  dream that someday we'd see bike sharing become a mainstream form of transportation. That day has come

The Future 100 report from the advertising giant J. Walter Thompson encapsulated this phenomenon, noting that "Cycle First Cities" is one of the hot 100 trends. In the US alone, there are bike-sharing programs in 36 cities, including Chicago, Minneapolis and San Francisco. Since 2007, there have been 23 million cycle-share rides in the U.S.

We're proud to have played a part in this revolution, especially because our unique model enables us to bring bike sharing to places otherwise impossible. Our programs in Detroit and Cleveland are thriving as residents and businesses in those cities show that biking's appeal is universal. General Motors also saw the benefits of bike sharing - not only as a health and productivity benefit, but also as a way to tap into the very trends identified in the Thompson report. Check out this great video.

We've got plenty more events, launches and innovations coming in 2015. We wish you the best in the new year -- keep pedaling!