10 Best U.S. Cities to Not Own a Car

A new ranking list sheds light on how easy it is getting to live in a city -- without the need to own a car. 

Zagster co-founder and CEO Tim Ericson still doesn't own a car (of course, he can Zag most places....). The perpetual struggle of fighting traffic during a daily commute, or spending just as much time to find a parking spot as it did to get to the destination in the first place, has caused many urban car owners to turn in their keys for alternative ways to get around town. Meanwhile, the evolution of viable options such as better public transit, car sharing, apps and Zagster has made not owning a car in the city easier.

According to Zipcar's Annual Millennial Survey, Millennials (18-34 year olds) prioritize experiences rather owning a car or other possessions. The survey found that "17% of 18-24 year olds don't even have a license" and Millennials believe that"losing their phone would have a greater negative impact on their life than losing their car."

Transit ridership continues to rise. According to CNN, "Third-quarter figures released Wednesday [Dec. 31, 2014] from the American Public Transportation Association show rising ridership nationwide for 12 of the past 15 quarters."

With car ownership running up a bill ranging from $4,642 - $13,141 per year, it's easier than ever to make the case for going car-less, or car-lite.

Check out the 10 American Cities Where You Don't Need a Car - we're thrilled that our home city of Boston came in at Number 3.  Where does your city rank?