A bike share feasibility analysis can help you gather information and make informed decisions as you plan a bike share program for your city or town.

As a free service to communities considering bike sharing programs, a Zagster Transportation Planner will perform a bike share feasibility analysis customized just for you.

What's Included with a Feasibility Analysis


Bike share overview

The bike share overview helps you and your stakeholders fully understand the bike share industry. This includes the history of bike sharing, comparison of bike share companies and technologies, and the reasons bike sharing is one of the fastest growing transportation modes in the United States.

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Demand Analysis

We study your city to create a model that helps you understand the sources and volume of demand for shared bikes. The demand analysis is crucial for determining if bike sharing will be a fit for your city.



See how your city compares to similar places that have implemented bike sharing. Understand the elements that have made other communities successful. The Comparative Analysis allows you to plan for success and avoid points of failure.


scope and phase Plan

Understand the potential size, scale and locations for a bike share program in your city. Scope and phase planning will help you how to fundraise and who to involve in order to launch a successful program.


Next Steps: Post-Analysis Consultation


Advanced IMPLEMENTATION support Plan

After completion of a feasibility analysis, Zagster's team of Bike Share Consultants will suggest specific implementation timelines, funding and sponsorship options as well as recommendations for user pricing.

As part of an implementation proposal, Zagster may visit your city to demonstrate technology and work with stakeholders on key issues like permitting and way-finding and help you fundraise with local, regional or national sponsors.



Meet a planner: Shannon Brown

Shannon Brown joined Zagster from Toole Design Group with five years of transportation engineering and planning experience that includes an emphasis in multimodal design.

Shannon graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering, where she studied sustainable transportation design.


Zagster performs feasibility analyses as a complementary service for cities and towns that are considering bike share. Request a free analysis for your community by completing the form below.