Dear Student Government:

Dear Student Government, We know, you’re busy, probably don’t have a lot of time between class, cranking out that paper you have due tomorrow, and getting ready for the big party tonight. College can be tiring and it can definitely be expensive, so here’s why you should listen to us.

We are Zagster, a bike sharing company with over 140 bike share programs designed to help college students, faculty, and staff all across the country get around their beautiful campuses in a healthy, safe, and practical way. If your campus has a Zagster bike share, you can kiss those long morning walks to class and that lingering freshman 15 goodbye. Using bike sharing, you and your friends can save precious time and a whole lot of money.

In fact, the average bike share pass costs students $50 or less every year, compared to hundreds, or even thousands of dollars you’ll spend to use a car and keep it on campus. Besides, those campus cops give out too many tickets. On top of that, when you’re sharing, you’re shedding - the average bike commuter loses about 10 lbs. every year they bike, not to mention the obvious environmental benefits. Already own a bike? With a bike share you don’t need to bother. Who wants the hassle and responsibility of having your own bike on campus anyway? College is certainly not the time to be responsible.

By now, you’re probably thinking “Hmm, sounds cool, but how does this work? Setting this up seems complex and expensive, and I definitely don’t want to deal with running something like this”. Well that’s OK, because Zagster is the only totally vertically integrated operation in the bike-sharing industry

It's why colleges, corporate campuses and cities around the U.S. love us. Hardware? Check. Software? Check. Professional maintenance and 24/7 rider support? You betcha'. You won’t even have to lift a finger. With Zagster, you’ll get low, predictable costs, an all-inclusive business model, cutting-edge technology, and a consistent level of service that leaves school administrators wondering why they didn’t do this sooner.

Plus, we have what it takes to do campus bike sharing programs right. The majority of bike-sharing programs launched in 2015 are run by Zagster.  We’re on campuses like Yale, Purdue, Ohio State, Duke, Cal State and Santa Clara University.

By bringing bike-sharing to campus, you can leave a visible and lasting contribution to campus as a member of student government, not to mention the huge brownie points on your already crackin’-good resume.

But enough from us. Check out how Duke Student Government president Lavanya Sunder united students and administrators in bringing Zagster bike share to her campus and got over 800 members in less than a year in this case study. 

Thank you and remember; life’s better on a bike!

-  Zagster